Photographer & Director


  photo by Jason Travis

photo by Jason Travis

Jonpaul Douglass is a photographer/director that lives and works in Los Angeles.  When not creating for work you will most likely find him creating with his wife and pug.


Notable clients

Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Microsoft, Infiniti, Mercedes Bens, Disney, Samsung, NBC, Uber, Etsy, Verizon, Warby Parker, Polaroid, Adult Swim, Converse, Publix, NBA, IBM, Dyson, Dropbox, smart, Anheuser Busch, Behr,  Skittles, Go Daddy, Tillamook, Postmates, Fossil, Milkbone, Hightail, Warner, Comcast, YMCA, Veuve Cliquot, Special Olympics, Marriott, Keen, Nationwide