Summertime with the Samsung GS8

I carried around a Samsung GS8 and made some summertime images for Samsung social channels. This is the best I've scene image quality-wise from a phone... the raw dng files do not look like something that came from a phone. The themes were pretty wide open... waterproof, dust proof, low light, and selfie. Safe to say it's great at all those things. 


Dropbox Paper

I collaborated with my friends at Instrument to help create these fun spots for what is now a product I use every day, Dropbox Paper!! That's right... it's essentially google docs for creatives or people who appreciate a nice clean and intuitive place to share ideas. This is now where I start my ideation process but also share the final creative treatment.. no more making big dumb PDFs!  What is also great is I was already a dropbox power user so this is super seamless and many don't realize it's right under their nose inside of Dropbox! I'm not getting paid to write this btw, I legitimately love this product and wan't it to become the norm!

Thank you so much Nate and all my new Instrument friends, as well as Ways&Means which is the raddest production company in LA.


Postmates NYC subway takeover

Super stoked to share this campaign! For this project I worked directly with Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann. The NYC subway takeover was in mind long before the images were made which helped shape what images we would create. The impact is mostly felt when seeing all the images together. Check out the subway images at the bottom of this post to see what I mean. This was a really fun project, and one of my personal favorites ever. Many thanks to my crew who helped me put this together, the Postmates team and especially Bastian who dreamt up this entire campaign! 


Subway images by my good friend Geoff Levy