nine12 stationary

I have some great work I'd like to show but I have to wait a little while before I'm able to post any of it. Here is some stationary I shot today, as with my last post this isn't my normal work but I have a lot of fun with it. Mostly these were shot using multiple reflectors, plexi glass, and one strobe.For the company nine12

design by Maven


img_7139-241 img_7118-221 img_7091-196 img_7085-190 img_7080-185

img_7068-174 img_7037-147 img_7033-144 img_7014-125 img_7004-115

img_6989-100 img_6988-99 img_6955-66 img_6939-50 img_6934-45

img_6923-35 img_6895-9