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135 f2 + PA + wes

So my pal Wes and I were in PA shooting a wedding(samples soon) and we took a detour on the way back to the airport just to check out the countryside. I had rented the 135 f2 L specifically for this trip and wanted to post some shots I took with it as well as give my thoughts on it. I won't go into too much detail for if you need serious hard data than visit thedigitalpicture. So here is my verdict. I am going to buy this lens. It is completely usable at F2, responds quickly, has sweet milky bokeh and is sharper than anything I've tried. I made the mistake some time ago of purchasing the 200 f2.8 L... I may have received a bad copy or maybe it was just too much tele to handhold, but the images from it couldn't touch the ones made with the 135. OK so here are a few shots I took at some farm Wes and I stopped at. The last one wasn't shot with the 135 but from the same trip, just the night prior.  support JPG