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So between a couple jobs I was able to visit some friends in Ca for a short trip the beginning of Dec. I haven't really had a lot of time to go through the images I leisurely took with the exception of picking the ones I liked and batching them in lightroom quickly. So I took a break from editing 'work' images and  punched these up. Many are actually shot right out of the car window being we had spent a good amount of time driving what felt like the length of the state. Thank you Alicia again for accommodating us during our visit and for making sure we kept an eye out for the stars. I have always been a huge fan of Jeff Goldblum(Ian Malcolm) and seeing him pass through that intersection nearly took my breathe away.  I do still regret not getting my picture under the Mulholland Drive sign... next time. img_9996 img_9987-edit img_9953-edit img_9919-edit-edit img_9914

img_9882 img_9886 img_9856 img_9853 img_9843

img_9824 img_9818-edit img_9810-edit img_9809-edit img_9798

img_9797-edit img_9792-edit img_9753-edit img_9749 img_9262-edit

img_9245-edit img_9234-edit img_9122-edit img_9228-edit img_9100

img_9061-edit img_8944-edit img_0653-edit img_0633-edit img_0578-edit

img_0544 img_0534 img_0510-edit-edit img_0500-edit-edit img_0498-edit-edit

img_0472-edit img_0467-edit img_0459-edit img_0448 img_0416-edit

img_0290-edit img_0265-editimg_0186-edit img_0085-edit-edit img_0019-edit