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I was sooooo excited about working with Etsy! When I arrived, it was even better than I was expecting. Etsy is one of those companies that you hear great things about all the time but when you actually visit and experience the culture of Etsy you find it's even better! For this job my good friend Jeremy Perez-Cruz(Etsy designer) and I were documenting slices of Etsy culture for a project he is working on. So we spent a little time roaming around the home office in Brooklyn, capturing what is most easily described as a Dr. Suess-like alternate world of fun. This is one of the those companies that practice what they preach and you can see it around every corner. I learned so much about the community that most of us are aware of, but if you look closer, you'll see they are doing many more positive things than just running a marketplace for artists, craftsman and other sellers. Needless to say I loved working with Etsy!! Hopefully I will see them again soon!