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Instagram Direct Promo Video

After months of lots and lots of hard work by an amazing team I'm so proud to have my name attached to this. We followed 3 wonderful people from the Instagram community across the entire country to showcase Instagram's awesome new feature. Overkill? Possibly, but it sure is pretty to look at :) 

Agency: Facebook Communication Design Production Company: Delve Films Creative Director: Nate Salciccioli Executive Producer: Jeffrey Gerson Principal Producer: Isaac Testerman Post-Production Producer: Sara Mott Director + DP: Jonpaul Douglass Cinematographer: Andy J. Scott Editor: Eli Odegaard Composer: Keith Kenniff Sound Design + Mixing: Wesley Slover Colorist: Denver Riddle End Title Animation: Brandon Wall Compositing: Marco Cordero Engineering Lead: Peter Ryan Zich Additional Editing: Peter Jordan Creative Consultant: Jerod Wanner

and special thanks to these folks for lending a hand(or face) Rhae-Dawn Royal, Raymond R. Tis, Anica Cramer, Skyler Vander Molen, Cameron Ewing, Frank Yan, Josh Ariza, John Deeb, Katie Ann Denis, Matthew Denis (Bella) Christopher Batton and our lovely cast of Road trip Instagrammers Joseph D'Amelio III, Kristin Edmundson, and Kevin Lu

More details on this feature on the Instagram Blog