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5d mark II first impressions

So I finally received my new camera this afternoon and played with it for the remainder of the day. What I found to be the most fun was the video portion. It is somewhat overwhelming having something so capable of so much in my hands. It is interesting trying to film in different lighting just to see just how the sensor reacts. I only have one nitpick about the video portion and that is the low shutter speed. Mainly I want to shoot wide open with this camera and it is only really achieved in low light. I didn't bother to push the ISO past 6400 as it is just acceptable and really only marginally better than the original 5d from what I can tell. It also looks like I'll be buying new batteries since the many old ones I have aren't compatible. All in all I'm very pleased with all of the little upgrades and happy to have such a bump in resolution. Watch the video below for some silly nonsense clips I threw together this evening. I wasn't trying to be serious and I did tell my friend Cole Nesmith to give me a 90210 vibe.  ...So after writing this and continuously thinking about it I did some digging to see what other people thought about the video coming from the mark 2. I would watch short clips I took and while they look high quality and interesting something seemed not so cinematic. Of course one has to remember this is 30 fps and not 24 which is one of the big reasons it doesn't have that film feel. That might be the main reason but it has a certain appeal that looks good to me but strange at the same time. The fact that the last video camera I owned was when they first went digital leaves me little to compare this to. I suppose what I'm really wondering is how good is the video? The Vincent Laforet video is proof of the cameras strength in low light... but is that it? Are cinematographers buying this camera to shoot with? I really don't want to sound like a gear-head but this just has me very curious.

one more website was a featured example in Laura Brunow Miner's BLOG I'd like to thank her and the talented Corey Hickey for that.