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an hour with my father

I've been too busy to really post anything that I've been working on lately but wanted to post something this evening. I picked my father up from the airport this past week and asked him if he'd hang out for a little while and help me do some sample shots for a possible future gig. The style of this was intentionally in a similar style of the tremendously talented Phil Toledano and his days with my father site(old man+f1.2/f1.4). Phil's images are very well put together with a heartfelt story to follow as you view. While I could write a short story explaining why my father looks so darn sad... these were not created for that purpose.img_9243-96 img_9250-103 img_9275-128 img_9278-131 img_9310-161 

img_9317-168 img_9358-209 img_9405-254 img_9319-170 img_9370-221 

img_9429-278 img_9454-300 img_9437-284 img_9403-56 img_9315-166