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Last minute gig with the always fantastic Lionfish agency in Seattle. They flew us to New Orleans where for three days we shot Microsoft partners in preparation for a huge convention Microsoft is having in July. Most of the work was done on a blank back drop while I was able to capture subjects in different environments in the historic venue we were setup in. At the same time as the stills a hefty video production was going on as well as various business meetings the partners were having. This meant many times I had to be quiet while directing a subject... more times than one I'm sure I ruined the video crews take. While I had a set of strobes setup for portraits I was constantly moving portable strobes all over trying to work fast and find the best quick lighting solution for each area. Overall everything turned out great... especially since these are not professional models but real world business people. img_0952 img_1601-edit img_1365-edit img_0773-edit img_9649-edit

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