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trivium, all hope is gone...orlando

We were invited to cover our pals Trivium during their Slipknot, Coheed and Cambria tour stop in Orlando. Doing concert photography you never know what to expect... so much depends on luck and you're not sure where you're really allowed to venture no matter how many press passes you have stuck to your shirt. I spent much of the time behind the band because I'm not used to having such a massive crowd to photograph. Whenever I tried to go back in front of the stage the staff let me know my chance was over and they enforced the first 3 songs rule. I like that you can get an idea of Trivium's interaction with the audience here. They aren't one of those bands that gets up, plays and leaves.. they really get the audience going and feed off the energy created from the massive crowd that's going nuts. img_2517 img_2523-edit img_2904-edit img_2870 img_2943

img_2739 img_2800 img_2815-edit img_2642 img_2967

img_2599-edit-2 img_8808 img_3968 img_2975 img_8905-edit

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img_3075 img_3211 img_3348 img_3487 img_8894

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