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good bye JPG mag :(

Today I awoke to a sad email from the folks at Apparently the financial situation we are in is causing them to close business this coming Monday. While I did not expect this I suppose the growing number of advertisements on the site/mag were a sign that they were hurting. I remember in one of the first issues reading a passage stating they were strongly for less advertisements cluttering up their fine magazine. I remembered this because I thought it was a great idea, yet isn't that how print makes money? Anyhow I will miss JPG dearly... every couple of months they presented themes to submit to. I'd then dig through my catalogue of images to see what might fit, or create something that would work. Another thing that I was truly impressed by was the community that JPG had brought together. I was able to 'easily' find some very talented photographers that I would have never known existed. This includes who is in my opinion the most talented photographer on the site, Reed Young. There is only a small handful of photographers work I truly love and he is definitely one of them. You WANT to check out his portfolio. Anyhow, I have JPG to thank for a good amount of exposure mainly due to the image below which was the cover of issue 14. You can check out all my published images here. So long JPG... a monthly ritual that will surely be missed. update: hope? 

update: JPG has been saved!