Facebook Factory

I was lucky enough to work with all of the creative wizards at BUCK to help them bring their ideas to life in the live action portions of this video they made for Facebook. Which scenes are live action and which aren't? Well that's why BUCK is the best at what they do. 

Nationwide - Peyton's Parms

Worked on a really fun social media project over the holidays with my great friend Geoff Levy, fellow photographer/filmmaker and now.. Art director! We filmed numerous mini videos based around the Nationwide Insurance commercial featuring Peyton Manning and a chicken parm sandwich. That's right. You can get the idea in the video here. Kudos to the entire team involved!

Custom Nationwide jingle song by Matt Heafy!

Infiniti #InspiredLight

Had lots of fun working with a great team in Dubai on this project for Infiniti. This was a very new experience for all of us, and one I will surely never forget.

THE CREATIVES: Light Painting + Creative Direction – Patrick Florent Rochon Producer + Engineer – Evan E. Jones Music Composer – Romain Strugala Director + Cinematography – Jonpaul Douglass Executive Producer + Cinematography - Pierre Tremblay Editor +Colourist + Cinematography – Marco Cordero

Associate Producer – Vincent Santilli & Nathalie Patterson Vehicle Lighting Fabrication – Roland Bourgeois & Mark Mercer

Assistant Camera – Niccolo Corradini BTS Photographer – Arkadiy Sukhanov

PRECISION DRIVERS: Ron Oakley & Imran Mahmood & Mansoor Parol

DUBAI PRODUCTION: The Talkies Executive Producer – Sabine Farah Production Manager – Rita Jabourian Production Coordinator – Michelle San Jose Production Assistant – Hugo Narciso

ART DEPARTMENT: Propmen -Abdul Azeez Yoosuf & Ariful Islam

CREW: Gaffer – Joseph Riachi Best Boys – Magdi Yaacoup & Janmeris Tallada Key Grip – Robert Babikian Sound Recordist – Ihab

INFINITI TECHNICIANS: Denter – Milton Olivera Technicians – Harry Pasad & Rendy Vilas

TRANSPORT + RUNNER: Driver: Alla Owdin Runners + Drivers – Shoukath Para & Khaled Abdullah

CATERING + UNIT: Ogaret Restaurant

Special thanks to:

INFINITI MIDDLE EAST: Deputy General Manager – Francesca Ciaudano Section Manager – Samer Bou Dargham Marketing Manager – Yara Mansour Marketing Assistant – Jizelle Lagman Marketing + Events Specialist – Marina Baer

TBWA/ RAAD: Executive Creative Director – Rohan Youg Art Director – Elisa Arienti Copywriter – Madeleine Butcher Producer – Jessica Abi Nassif Brand Leader – Khalil Salem Account Director Rania Nazmy Account Manager – Ola Ibrahim

Knotts Scary Farm

Created this spoooooooooooooky photo for Knotts Scary Farm :) Knotts planted spooky monster all over LA and asked me to come out and capture one of them. This was a voodoo guy creeping around the Newport Beach Pier.



I got the opportunity to collaborate with Highfive and create some media for there recent launch! It's very cool what they are doing. If you're like me and have had far too many annoying unorganized conference calls and skype meetings... check out what they are doing. 



I got to do a creative little social campaign for the new UNEEK shoes from Keen. I love it when companies are open to just being creative. Lot's of fun on this one. 



Facebook asked me to create a photo library for the more recently acquired Atlas Solutions in Seattle. We photographed the actual employees of Atlas with great result reflecting the authentic personality of the company. Here are some of my favorite images.


Featured on BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, IGNANT & The Creators Project :)

This past week my Instagram was featured on BuzzFeed and then a few days later the Huffington Post picked up and interview I did about my #pizzainthewild project on Global Yodel. All cool things! :) Update: #PIZZAINTHEWILD getting picked up all over! Also featured on IGNANT , The Creators Project and then HUFF PO again!

My favorite article being this one from HUFF PO




the creators project - intel vice


Instagram Direct Promo Video

After months of lots and lots of hard work by an amazing team I'm so proud to have my name attached to this. We followed 3 wonderful people from the Instagram community across the entire country to showcase Instagram's awesome new feature. Overkill? Possibly, but it sure is pretty to look at :) 

Agency: Facebook Communication Design Production Company: Delve Films Creative Director: Nate Salciccioli Executive Producer: Jeffrey Gerson Principal Producer: Isaac Testerman Post-Production Producer: Sara Mott Director + DP: Jonpaul Douglass Cinematographer: Andy J. Scott Editor: Eli Odegaard Composer: Keith Kenniff Sound Design + Mixing: Wesley Slover Colorist: Denver Riddle End Title Animation: Brandon Wall Compositing: Marco Cordero Engineering Lead: Peter Ryan Zich Additional Editing: Peter Jordan Creative Consultant: Jerod Wanner

and special thanks to these folks for lending a hand(or face) Rhae-Dawn Royal, Raymond R. Tis, Anica Cramer, Skyler Vander Molen, Cameron Ewing, Frank Yan, Josh Ariza, John Deeb, Katie Ann Denis, Matthew Denis (Bella) Christopher Batton and our lovely cast of Road trip Instagrammers Joseph D'Amelio III, Kristin Edmundson, and Kevin Lu

More details on this feature on the Instagram Blog