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Thanks everyone who is visiting from Scott Kelby’s blog. I have been responding to emails as quick as I can. I also appreciate all of the kind words given. The blog is up here for those who do not know what I’m talking about.
In the last entry I said I’d post an image of my new studio space. Well I created a self portrait for the Kelby Blog in the studio(below) so you can pretty much get an idea of it. Not huge, not tiny… just right for my studio needs. I have not taken a self portrait in quite some time and I always forget how silly it feels setting the timer and running out to the mark just in time for the shutter to sound.


fun facts… camera I’m holding is totally a prop. never use it. Octabox/brollybox was set off just or effect… I didn’t really need to light the wall.

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8 Responses to scott kelby

  1. Thanks for the Scott Kelby blog. Enjoyed it a lot.
    Question – what do you use for your portfolio. I love the simple full screen effect.

  2. Ken says:

    I like your post today on Kelby.

    I am looking to buy a stobe kit, I would like to request what you use, aka in the photo above.

    Not in the league on Prophoto high end, can you suggest the brand, power,etc…?

    Ken in KY

  3. admin says:

    the set used above and what I use mostly is Dynalite. I can’t really compare because I have only bought Dynalite since my first set. I like that they are small and you can fire four heads with one pack and one transmitter.

    I know many people use alienbees… and they seem happy. I personally don’t want to own the cheapest strobes you can buy, even if the quality is just fine.

  4. admin says:

    I’m not sure about the specifics… it is flash ;)

    I hired my friend to build it. <—– great guy.

  5. Ken says:

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Ken in KY

    The web site you suggested is a blank page…thought you would want to know

  6. admin says:

    no problem.

    I don’t think Corey ever has time to build his own site. If you click on the “intentional blank page” it links to his mail ;)

  7. Cole NeSmith says:

    Saw you for the first time on Scott Kelby’s blog. Glad I found you. You’re an amazing photographer ;)

  8. Rick Drye says:

    Will you generate a few articles or reviews for us. Your penning style is genuinely outstanding.